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RUSSIA: Moscow Migration Office to Issue Invitation Letters in Electronic Format Only

Effective 1 October 2019, the Internal Affairs Ministry’s Moscow Office will issue all invitation letters in electronic format only.

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RUSSIA: Latest Immigration Updates

New Out-of-Quota Positions Effective 8 September 2019, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development has approved a new list of 80 job positions in which qualified foreign specialists can be employed for up to one year without quota.

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RUSSIA: Recent and Upcoming Immigration Changes

Effective immediately, the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry has established an official form for notifying the de-registration of foreign nationals. Moreover, details have emerged of a new requirement for employers of foreign labour to ensure that their foreign national employees are vaccinated [..]

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RUSSIA: Recent Immigration Changes

A bill amending the residence permit rules has been submitted to the State Duma for review. Several other changes have also recently been proposed.

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RUSSIA: Stricter Rules on Payment of State Fee for Letter of Invitation in Moscow

Effective immediately, the state fee collected for issuance of letters of invitation (LOI) at the migration office at 42 Pokrovka Street in Moscow must be paid exclusively from the bank account of the inviting company.

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RUSSIA: Head Migration Office Stops Issuing Highly Qualified Specialist Work Permits

Effective 5 April 2019, the Head Migration Office located at Boyarsky Lane, in central Moscow, will cease accepting initial or renewal applications for work permits and visa invitations for highly qualified specialists (HQS) and their dependents.

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