Global Immigration Weekly Roundup - 11th June 2018

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EUROPEAN UNION: Posted Worker Reform Adopted by European Parliament

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On 29th May 2018, the European Parliament voted in favour of adopting amendments to the Posting of Workers Directive (1996/71/EC). The amendments were agreed with the Council and the Commission at the beginning of March 2018.

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Australia_Sydney.Bridge150100AUSTRALIA: Proposed Changes to Skilled Migration Lists

The Department of Jobs and Small Business is currently undergoing a public submissions process to review proposed changes to the Short and Medium Long Term Strategic Skills Occupation Lists and the Regional Occupations List.

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MEXICO: Increased Immigration Verification Visits


The National Institute of Migration (INM) has recently increased the number of immigration verification visits, the purpose of which is to corroborate the existence and normal operation of the company and to prove the legal status of foreign employees.

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RUSSIA: New Law on Counter-Sanctions Does Not Directly Restrict Immigration 


Effective 4th June 2018, Federal Law No. 127-FZ “On Measures of Affect (Counteraction) in Connection with Unfriendly Actions of the United States of America and other Foreign States” authorises the government of Russia to impose responsive restriction measures on the US and other foreign states at the President’s decision.

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PANAMA: Executive Decree Clarifies Basis for Cancelling Work Permits


On 31st May 2018, the Ministry of Labour published an executive decree setting out possible grounds for the cancellation of work permits.

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SWITZERLAND: Update - List of Occupations Requiring Labour Market Test 


On 23rd May 2018, the Swiss Federal Council confirmed the initial list of occupations for which, from 1st July 2018, employers wishing to hire foreign nationals will have to test the Swiss labour market by advertising.

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