Webinars and Resources

Live Regional Webinar Series | COVID-19 and Mobility: Travel and Immigration Impacts

To ensure you're receiving the information most crucial to your program, we are providing two region- and country-specific webinars per week during the month of April featuring APAC, Singapore, Europe, UK, Canada, Mexico (in Spanish), Americas, and Brazil (in Portuguese).

Join our business travel and global immigration experts from around the world as they examine the impacts in their respective countries and regions.


eBook | 2019 Year in Review: Divergent Trends in Global Immigration

As you move through 2020, equip yourself with the latest information on 2019’s major global immigration news stories impacting international business and employee mobility.

Download this informative review of the state of global mobility now to get:

  • Quick overviews and links to further analysis of the year’s most significant immigration developments
  • Insight and analysis of key developments you need to keep your employees in compliance
  • And more!

On-Demand Webinar | Business After Brexit: Visas and Immigration Explained

After more than three years of uncertainty and speculation, we now finally know with certainty – the United Kingdom officially exited the European Union on January 31 at 11pm. However, that is by no means the end of the speculation. The UK has now entered an eleven-month “transition period” during which time much of its current status with the EU will remain in place. During this time, both sides will begin the arduous process of negotiating the details of the long-term relationship between the UK and the EU going forward after December 31, 2020.

Join our UK and EU immigration experts for this deep dive into the current status and guidance on visas and immigration for companies and employees during the transition period and beyond.


On-Demand Webinar | To & From China: Immigration and Travel Visa Trends and Best Practices

With insider experience and extensive knowledge of the entire China market –immigration and visa experts from our newly formed joint venture will be your guides on the road both to and from China. They will show you the current visa and immigration opportunities and latest challenges on the map for the world’s second largest market. Get their insight and guidance – for both foreign companies inbound to China and Chinese companies outbound to the global market. You will come away with unique insight on navigating the current economic and geopolitical climate.


On-Demand Webinar | Essentials for Success in India: Employment and Business Visas

Join Newland Chase as we take a deep dive into business immigration to India in this can’t-miss on-demand webinar for businesses operating in, or interested in, India. We’ll cover the essentials of residence and work authorization for foreign nationals working in India, as well as the latest developments in business travel and visas for foreign business people.


On-Demand Webinar | Brexit Update: Next Steps for Your Business

Join Newland Chase for this timely update on the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, its impact on your UK national and EU national employees, and the steps you should be taking now to protect their immigration and right to work status in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Your presenters are UK and EU immigration experts, Tony Butterworth, Managing Director, UK, Mehibe Hill, Client Services Director, EMEA, and Carlijn Langeveld, Manager, Advisory Services.


On-Demand Webinar | Global Immigration and Business Travel 101

We presented a special webinar alongside our CIBT colleagues - offering an overview of best practices for successful business travel and immigration programs. Watch our expert presenters Sophy King, SVP of Global Immigration Newland Chase, and Sandi Woznitski, SVP of North America CIBTvisas, as they share practical guidance and applications.


On-Demand Webinar | Global Town Hall: Mid-2019 Business Immigration Insiders Report

Protectionist and anti-globalization politics is on the rise – resulting in tightening immigration policies in much of the world. While many countries are closing doors to foreign talent – others are opening doors and embracing immigration as a solution to economic and demographic problems. In this session, attendees will receive a mid-2019 business immigration insiders report from VP and Senior Global Immigration Counsel, Jason Rogers.


On-Demand Webinar | Doing Business in Ireland: Immigration and Tax Issues for Foreign Business Travellers and Corporate Assignees

Ireland is currently one of Europe’s most attractive destinations for international business. While the opportunities in Ireland are numerous, immigration and tax challenges can catch non-EEA national business persons and company employees unaware.

Join us for this discussion of the key immigration and tax issues for non-EEA national business travellers and employees working in Ireland. Jane Pilkington, Newland Chase's Managing Director in Ireland, and Mark Hynes, BDO Dublin's Tax Director are teaming-up to give you all the must have immigration and tax information and insights for successfully doing business as a non-EEA national in Ireland.


On-Demand Webinar | UK Nationals in the EU: Brexit Strategy Planning

When the UK exits from the European Union, UK nationals and their family members who wish to remain in (or move to) the EU will be required to apply for a new residence status under rules set by the EU member state in which they reside. Whenever Brexit takes place – there will be urgent steps they must take to protect their immigration status.

Join Newland Chase's Brexit immigration experts, Sophy King and Marc Smith for our 60-minute webinar which will examine the impact of Brexit on your UK national employees' residence status, steps to take now to protect your employees' immigration status, and a live Q&A.