Webinars and Resources

Live Webinar | Global Town Hall: Mid-2019 Business Immigration Insiders Report

26 June 2019 @ 12:00 pm ET 

Protectionist and anti-globalization politics is on the rise – resulting in tightening immigration policies in much of the world. While many countries are closing doors to foreign talent – others are opening doors and embracing immigration as a solution to economic and demographic problems. In this session, attendees will receive a mid-2019 business immigration insiders report from VP and Senior Global Immigration Counsel, Jason Rogers, as he examines global trends driving the changes and the challenges and opportunities for companies in numerous countries with changing immigration policies.


On-Demand Webinar | Doing Business in Ireland: Immigration and Tax Issues for Foreign Business Travellers and Corporate Assignees

Ireland is currently one of Europe’s most attractive destinations for international business. While the opportunities in Ireland are numerous, immigration and tax challenges can catch non-EEA national business persons and company employees unaware.

Join us for this discussion of the key immigration and tax issues for non-EEA national business travellers and employees working in Ireland. Jane Pilkington, Newland Chase's Managing Director in Ireland, and Mark Hynes, BDO Dublin's Tax Director are teaming-up to give you all the must have immigration and tax information and insights for successfully doing business as a non-EEA national in Ireland.


On-Demand Webinar | UK Nationals in the EU: Brexit Strategy Planning

When the UK exits from the European Union, UK nationals and their family members who wish to remain in (or move to) the EU will be required to apply for a new residence status under rules set by the EU member state in which they reside. Whenever Brexit takes place – there will be urgent steps they must take to protect their immigration status.

Join Newland Chase's Brexit immigration experts, Sophy King and Marc Smith for our 60-minute webinar which will examine the impact of Brexit on your UK national employees' residence status, steps to take now to protect your employees' immigration status, and a live Q&A.


On-Demand Webinar | Remaining in the UK after Brexit: Essential Settlement Guidance for EU Nationals

Employers in the UK – Protect your business by helping your valued EU employees in the UK preserve and protect their rights to live and work in the UK after Brexit. You can help retain your loyal employees by helping them navigate the EU Settlement Scheme for EU nationals to obtain settled status (permanent residence) in the UK– ensuring their contributions to your business for years to come.

 Join Tony Butterworth and Darren Faife, Newland Chase’s Managing Directors in the UK, for our live 60-minute webinar which will review how-to instructions and guidance on using the new online EU Settlement system, qualifications for Settled versus Pre-Settled status, application and documentation requirements, and a live Q&A. 


On-Demand Webinar | Success in Singapore: Immigration Essentials for Business

Singapore is a key destination for international business in the Asia-Pacific region – consistently at the top of global rankings of attractive business environments and desirability for expats. Success in APAC oftentimes requires success in Singapore. And key to that success is immigration and effectively mobilising talent into Singapore.

Join Voon Lee, Newland Chase’s Managing Director, Asia, for our 60-minute webinar packed full of practical knowledge and up-to-date information on common types of work authorisation, application requirements and qualifying criteria, and visa options for dependent family members. 


On-Demand Webinar | Posted Worker Rules Simplified

ATTENTION: All businesses with employees and operations in Europe!

Join us as our expert presenters uncover the essentials of Posted Worker requirements for companies operating in the EU – including real world case studies, actionable advice and a Q&A session with an existing client talking about the challenges they face in becoming compliant.


On-Demand Webinar | Kickstart 2019: 3 Global Immigration Updates You Need to Know

Calling all international HR and mobility managers! Are you ready for 2019?  

Join us for this live, interactive webinar for three global immigration “hot topics” you need to know right now in order to get your employees on international work assignments and business travel off to a successful start in 2019. We're examining: Brexit and preparing your UK and EU employees working and traveling in the United Kingdom and Europe, NAFTA and USMCA, and Canada's new DUI/DWI law starting 1 December. 


On-Demand Webinar | Major in Mexico: Corporate Immigration, NAFTA, and USMCA

With a new NAFTA, a new President, and an economy seemingly now in growth mode, Mexico presents both significant opportunity and significant challenge for international business ahead in 2019. Join Newland Chase for this in-depth look at Mexico and its immigration and legal landscape as your company plots its course for the new year ahead.


On-Demand Webinar | EU Posted Workers: What Every Business Needs to Know Now

Enforcement of the Posted Worker Rules is on the rise in the European Union (EU), with EU member states set to implement revised rules and processes under a new EU Directive enacted in July. Increasingly, unannounced workplace inspections and the imposition of fines for late filings of posted worker declarations are becoming the norm in many jurisdictions. 

Watch our webinar now as we give you the vital information all companies operating in the EU need to know regarding their obligations under the Posted Worker Rules, the coming changes brought by July’s new EU Directive, and practical strategies for keeping your company compliant and avoiding potential negative impacts of the increasing enforcement of these oft-confusing requirements.



On-Demand Webinar | Racing to Brexit: 6 Months to Go

Since the now infamous 23 June 2016 Brexit referendum, the world has waited with bated breath to see just how the UK’s departure from the EU will play out. And none perhaps have waited with more interest and anxiety than the millions of potentially affected foreign nationals living and working in the UK and EU… and the company HR and mobility managers that support them. Now with just 6 months to go before the slated 29 March 2019 separation… where are we? And what lies ahead… immigration and mobility speaking… on the home stretch of the race to Brexit?

Newland Chase brings you a timely and informative look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going with corporate immigration and business mobility with just 6 months till the UK’s expected Brexit from the EU.