COLOMBIA: Longer Processing Times as All In-Country Visa Applications Must be Submitted Online

Effective 28 January 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that all in-country visa procedures must now be completed online. In-person visa applications at the Ministry will no longer be accepted.

This change will delay issuance of all visa types - Visitor (V), Migrant (M) and Resident (R). Previously, processing of in-person visa applications took a couple of hours. Processing of online visa applications will now take approximately five days.

Visa applicants may now only approach the Ministry if summoned by the authorities, or if they need to have the visa sticker stamped onto their passport once approved.

Visa registration and ID card applications are still to be submitted to Migration Colombia as previously, and should be processed in about five days.

Our Advice

Companies and foreign nationals in Colombia who may be affected by these changes are encouraged to contact their Newland Chase immigration specialist for further support.

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